Potato Skins w/ Bacon, Chz $60.00 / 100ct

Maine (not Swedish) Meatballs $75.00 /100ct

Cheese and Cracker $35.00/platter

Teriyaki Beef Brochettes $150.00/100ct

Mini Beef Burritos $10.00/lb

Frank-N-Blanket $75.00/100ct

Mushroom caps w/crabmeat $75.00/100ct

Bacon Wrapped Scallops $150.00/100ct

Chz and Spinach Puffs $75.00/100ct

Cajun Chix Kabobs $100.00/100ct

Cheese Pizza Bites $60.00/200ct

Spicy Fried Boneless Chicken $75.00/ 100ct

Shrimp Cocktail $10.00 / dz.

Chicken Wings $60.00/100ct

Mussels w garlic and wine $8.00/lb.

10 days notice needed to order hors d’oeuvres.