Served w/choice of Potato and Vegetable of the Day


Captain Morgan Stuffed Shrimp or Scallops     22.99

Stuffed and baked with our very own secret Cap'n Morgan's pineapple coconut rum sauce


Baked Native Salmon Filet     18.99

With lemon cream sauce topping


Stuffed Haddock Newburg     19.99

Famous seafood crumb stuffing and a sherried Lobster cream sauce


Baked Haddock or Salmon Florentine     19.99

Layered with spinach and Swiss cheese and a crumb topping


Baked Atlantic Haddock     17.99


Maine Seafood Grill      25.99

A Bull n' Claw Original!

Your Choice of...

Baked Haddock

Grilled Salmon  and

3 Baked Stuffed Shrimp

with our own secret Cap'n Morgan rum sauce and a casserole of

Stuffed Scallops

with lemon cream sauce topping